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2 common plasma cutting mistakes you have to know

Shandong Rayman Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 14, 2018

1. Use consumables until they are “discarded”

     Look at the buckets in which you have used the old parts, and you will most likely find that these parts are used until they are scrapped. The use of consumable parts that are severely worn will not only damage the original good workpiece, but also result in costly torch failures and unnecessary downtime. Using parts to scrap is a misunderstanding that can be easily avoided. There are many signs of wear on consumables; experienced operators can often determine component wear from subtle changes in the sound or color of the arc or the height of the torch. However, the best way to determine the condition of the torch components is to periodically inspect the cutting edge quality of the workpiece and inspect the torch components as the cutting quality begins to degrade. Record the average service life of the components over a period of time (the number of arcing or arc opening time), and set the corresponding expected component life criteria based on the current, the material to be cut and its thickness. Once the average life of the component is determined, the operator knows when to inspect and/or replace the component to avoid catastrophic failure.

2. Replace consumables

     Look at the buckets in which you have used the old parts, and you may also find that these parts are still usable. Replacing consumable parts too frequently is a common and costly practice. When the operator replaces the part, he needs to know what should be checked. If a hole is made inside or outside the nozzle, or if the piercing wears and becomes non-circular, the nozzle should be replaced. Otherwise, it may be reusable. To determine whether the electrode is scrapped, check the crater in the electrode element (electrode element refers to the silver material filled in the copper electrode: for the air or oxygen plasma system, refers to the core; for nitrogen or argon-hydrogen mixed gas plasma system , refers to the tungsten core). Generally, for air and oxygen plasma systems, the crater depth should not exceed 2 mm, while for nitrogen or argon-hydrogen mixed gas plasma systems, the crater depth should not exceed 3 mm. The vortex ring needs to be replaced only if it is found that there is dust or oil in the perforations, or if there is cracking, arc burn marks or excessive wear. Vortex rings are often replaced prematurely. The same is true for protective caps, which need to be replaced only if they show signs of physical damage. Usually, the protective cap can be reused after removing the metal slag.

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