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CNC Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine From China

CNC Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine From China

1. Air compressor make the conversion of mechanical energy into pressure gas energy, then make the air clear with high performance 2. High quality nozzle electrode with long working life, cutting mouth is small, tidy, and avoid a second dressing processing 3. The numerical control system with high disposes, the automatic striking arc, and the performance is stable. Start, Starfire, FLMC-F2300A can choose. Fastcam typesetting software can support ARTCAM, Auto-CAD etc. Design software. 4.Beam with light structural design, the structure has good rigidity, light weight, exercise inertia and low cost. Welded lathe bed of thick profiled steel, more solid and stable

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Welcome to buy and wholesale customized and low price cnc gantry plasma cutting machine from china in stock from us, which is one of the best Heavy duty CNC gantry flame cutting machine manufacturers in China and also equipped with a productive factory.
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