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Iron Copper Steel Metal CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Iron Copper Steel Metal CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

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RM-T1325 desktop flame plasma cutting machine is a kind of computer control,precision mechanical transmission,the thermal cutting three technology with the combination of a kind of high efficiency,high precision,high reliability of cutting equipment,it by computer programming instead of manual calculation,artificial cutting or semi-automatic cutting,can accurate cutting out all kinds of complicated shape plate,without user to prepare the foundation.It USES a one-piece modular design,installation and quick,convenient movement.

1,space saving , quick installation, no foundation request

2.using integrated modular structure, making installation quick and easy

3,high accuracy AC servo motor dirve.

4, friendly operation panel, easy-to-use

5, automatic program optimization nest path

6, G and M code recognizable

7,DXF/DWG files programming and nest

8,USB data transmission

 9,The machine size can be customized (standard model :1300*2500, 1500*3000,2000*40000)

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